Don`t Buy the Seller

+ Genre Thriller Drama
+ Director PARK Hee-kon
+ Cast SHIN Hae-sun, KIM Sung-kyun
+ Release 2023-08-30
+ Running Time 101min
Don`t Buy the Seller
It all started with a second hand app
Soo-hyun (SHIN Hae-sun), who has recently moved into a new house, buys a used washing machine through a second-hand app but finds out it doesn’t work. Annoyed by the seller’s irresponsibility, she leaves a comment calling the seller a con man, and reports it to the police. Little does she know that the seller is a psychopathic serial killer who uses an online second-hand market to lure his victims. Her comment renders his hunt for a new victim all but impossible so she becomes his next target. She starts receiving obscene phone calls, countless unwanted food deliveries, and strange men knocking on her door looking for a good time. A trip to the sender’s address proves deadly serious when the police and Soo-hyun find a man’s dead body.
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