+ Genre Drama
+ Director KIM Chang-hoon
+ Cast HONG Xa-bin, SONG Joong-ki, KIM Hyoung-seo
+ Release 2023-10-11
+ Running Time 124
Although he has never had what he wanted in his 17 years of life,
he still struggles to grasp hope.

Yeon-gyu (HONG Xa-bin) is a teenage boy who wants to escape his hometown where violence is commonly enacted among neighbors. He only hopes to have a peaceful life with his mother. However, the world never allows him to have a dream nor hope for life. When Yeon-gyu needs a hand from grown-ups, Chi-geon (SONG Joong-ki), a thug of the town, offers a favor. The simple favor leads Yeon-gyu to explore the world of Chi-geon. It ironically results Yeon-gyu gradually falling into Chi-geon’s life. Grasping hope to run away from where he is, he struggles between the border. Can he escape from the town at the end?
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