Dongju : The Portrait of a Poet

+ Genre Period Drama
+ Director LEE Joon-ik
+ Cast KANG Ha-neul, PARK Jung-min
+ Release 2016-02-17
+ Running Time 110min
Dongju : The Portrait of a Poet
Though his life was short, his poetry will remain eternal. 
Born during the Japanese colonial era, Dong-ju was young but more than sensible of the harsh reality of his living. He moves to Japan to study literature. While he is starting his University in Japan with expectancy, Japan’s persecution is getting severe, and writing a thing in Korean is prohibited. When a slight possibility to publish his poems seems to have gone away, a Japanese professor sees Dong-ju’s talent and suggests him to publish poetry in English. With a fainting hope, Dong-ju concentrates on his work. Before his work is done, Dong-ju is suspected of the anti-Japanese movement and sentenced to two years of prison. Will Dong-ju’s dream fail and his poem vanish in the air? 
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